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Pebble Beach

SeaGlass  Counseling 

My Practice 


I worked with clients to develop coping skills to reduce symptoms and increase balance and meaningful connections. I adapt my therapeutic techniques to each client, working to find ways to best support each person in their goals. 


Teens: 14 and up.  I utilize CBT, Motivational Interviewing and psychoeducation modalities to assist teens in processing feelings and emotions and working towards creating positive change.  



I utilize Relational Cultural Theory, CBT and Pyschoeducation modalities to assist my adult clients in meeting their goals

Gottman Couples Sessions

For couples interested in couples work - I offer services modeled after The Gottman Institute. I am a level 2 certified Gottman therapist. My Couples  work includes extended  sessions, questionnaires, assessments, handouts and access to the Gottman Connect online program. Couples sessions are 1.5 hours. This program is private pay only, insurance is not accepted. Please contact me for pricing and more information.

Equine Pyschotherapy 

Embodied Equine Therapy: utilizes horses to assist clients in deepening a connection within themselves and others. We use ground work (not riding) with Willow, observe herd dynamics and have access walk around the beautiful trails on Shady Oak Farm in Cape Elizabeth. 

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My Approach


Relational Cultural Theory:  Mainstream western psychological theories generally depict human development as moving from dependence to independence. In contrast, relational–cultural therapy is built on the premise that, throughout the lifespan, human beings grow through and toward connection, and that we need connections to flourish, even to stay alive. This theory views isolation as a major source of suffering for people, at both a personal and cultural level. In Relational Cultural Theory the therapist works on identifying and establishing strong, healthy connections and relationships.  

I practice with a strong focus on the client/therapist relationship as the foundation for meaningful change. I use a client centered approach and the strengths perspective to help people empower themselves in their healing process. 

I believe in people's resiliency and capacity for growth. Often when we are feeling stressed and overwhelmed, it is difficult to recognize our strengths. I can assist you towards positive change in your life. I look forward to working with you and sharing your journey.

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